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I decided to start this blog in Japanese to polish up my Japanese language skills. In reference to the Japanese idiom “腕をみがく”,I will do my best. Comments are welcome.

Recently, I read a short Japanese story by Kawakami Hiromi titled “God”. It is a simple story about a talking bear that invited the author to go for a walk to the riverbank.

It is not unusual to find talking animals in Japanese stories. In this story, the author has made the bear so human & polite that he is even better behaved than the people that they met on the way.

There was no reference to “God” in the story except towards the end where the talking bear says, “may the blessings of the bear god rain down upon you” to the author. The author tried but could not imagine what the bear god might be like. Giving the story the title “God” is a bit misleading.

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