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Why I enjoy Dorama

I started watching Japanese dorama on TV to try to improve my Japanese language skills. I was struck by the good quality of Japanese drama available. Of course since I am a die-hard romantic movies consumer, most of these movies appeal to my romantic nature.

One actually gets to know a bit about Japanese culture from the movies made by Japanese. It enables one to understand the underlying psyche of the Japanese people. Sometimes we get a peep into the repressed nature of the Japanese race. Then we see the wild creative side of these people coming out in different ways especially in anime. Different races and people work within the constraints and around them to try to release their repressed feelings and ideas. We see the society reflecting back all these dynamic energy in various ways. Sometimes with a good outcome but other times in tragedy. All these forces co-exist with each other, influencing each other.

Click here for my guide to Japanese Dorama.


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