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In April this year, I made a trip to Japan to see the cherry blossoms (Sakura). It was my first time in Japan during this special season. The blooming of cherry blossoms in Japan has special significance. It marks the arrival of spring, the start of the new school year, the start of working life for university graduates and hope for a fresh start in all endeavors.

Catching the cherry blossoms season in Japan requires some planning. First one has to know when the buds will start to flower on the trees. Then it will take roughly a week for the buds to reach full bloom. After that the flowers will remain for about a week before it starts to drop. The trees will be bare even faster if there are heavy rain and winds causing the flowers to drop quickly. To make a guess as to when the cherry blossoms will start to flower in Japan, one has to look at previous year’s data. For people travelling from outside Japan, it is a safe bet to be in Tokyo by 1st April.

There are famous Cherry Blossoms viewing spots all over Japan. There are specific parks where hundreds of cherry blossom trees are planted. The places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo are Ueno Park (across from JR Ueno Station), Shinjuku Park (near Shinjuku JR Station), Sumida Park (along the Sumida River from the Asakusa subway station), Chidorigafuchi around Kitanomaru Park and Yasukuni Shrine (near Kudanshita subway station).

Top 3 Tips:

1. Find out when the cherry blossoms will start to flower

2. Don’t miss the Night Sakura (Cherry Blossoms lighted up at night)!

3. Bring a sheet to lie on the ground so that you can enjoy a picnic under the cherry trees (a Japanese cultural experience)

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