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Pete Bethune, an anti-whaling activist from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is currently facing charges of trespassing in connection with his boarding of a Japanese vessel in the Antarctic Ocean. This is one of a series of incidents between Sea Shepherd and the Japanese Research Whaling fleet. The anti whaling group Sea Shepherd believes that the Antarctic Ocean is a protected sanctuary for whales. Therefore, they have been trying to stop the Japanese from whaling there. However the Japanese government believes that they are within their rights in their research whaling activities.

Sea Shepherd’s has a good goal of protecting whales, an endangered species but I disagree with their aggressive methods.

The whaling issue is difficult to resolve due to the fundamental difference in opinions towards whales. Many people in Australia and New Zealand believe that whales are intelligent conscious mammals that should be protected. However the Japanese government considers whales as a resource of the sea that should be in the same category as fish. While recognizing a decrease in the number of whales due to overfishing in the past, the Japanese government asserts that there has been a 10% yearly increase in the number of whales since the ban on commercial whaling in 1986. Among the various reasons for their whaling activities, I think the main reason is national pride. Japan views whaling as an important tradition, and resents being told by other countries what it should and shouldn’t do. After all, Japan does not preach to other countries on what they should not eat.

This dispute can only be resolved with a compromise on both sides. The international community should allow Japan to conduct whaling activities along it’s own coasts, in exchange for which Japan would stop its research whaling activities. In addition, every year the international community should limit the number of whales caught by Japan and other whaling countries like Iceland and Norway. There is no clear right answer to this whaling dispute, but I think this is a good suggestion. Both sides are entitled to their opinions and reasons.






捕鯨の論争について、解決の難しさの理由は、クジラに対する意見が基本的に違うと思う。豪州とニュージーランドの国民の大多数は、クジラが知能の発達した哺乳類なので、守るべきだと思っている。日本政府の考えは、違ってクジラがただ海の資源の一つなので、魚のように扱うべきだと思っている。日本の主張では、かつては乱獲でクジラの急減したが、1986年で商業捕鯨が一時停止されたから、現在年間10%以上が増えている。日本は、商業捕鯨をしたい理由がいくつかあるのだが、国民の愛国心が高まっていることが主要な理由だと思う。日本は、他の国から「何をして良いか、何をしてはいけないか」を言われていることに、憤慨している 。日本は、他の国に何を食べるべきだと説教していない 。

この論争は、両方が妥協しないと、解決できない。もし国際社会が日本に沿岸捕鯨を認めれば、代わりに、調査捕鯨を止めることができる。この提案に加えて、国際社会は、毎年日本と他の捕鯨国である、アイスランドとノルウェーがクジラを捕られる数を制限できる 。この提案は、良いと思う。捕鯨の論争については、はっきりと正しい答えがない。オーストラリアと日本の両国は、自国の理由と意見がある。

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