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Last month I attended a public lecture by Professor Koichi Iwabuchi on multicultural co-living in Japan. He talked about many foreigners already living in Japan despite there being no government policy towards immigrants. Japan is tightening its borders in reaction to terrorism following the footsteps of other countries around the world like America and UK. He thinks Japan should be more open to immigrants and have a coherent policy to enable this.

This will be hard to achieve in Japan. Immigration is a sensitive topic around the world. Its benefits are great. It can drive domestic growth, provide needed skills, support an ageing population and make a place interesting and exciting to live in. However, the negative points will start to appear to residents when a country is in recession and unemployment rises like in Spain, or when the environmental costs of immigration are high in a hot and dry country like Australia. This will create friction when citizens begin to resent the presence of immigrants, like in Singapore.






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